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There are multiple ways to advertise at since 1997. Choose which profile fits you the best. Opportunities are different for pet groomers and pet grooming companies selling to them. See below:

Pet Groomers – We are the Grooming Industry’s #1 Classified Ads

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I am a grooming business looking to hire groomers, or I am a groomer searching for a job. Classified Ads, where you are now, includes the world’s largest database of help wanted ads. We have published over 400,000 help wanted and job search ads since 1997. Ads are free for business owners that own less than 5 locations. Chains can pay reasonable fees to list ads. Job search ads placed by groomers are free too. We list groomer job openings worldwide, not just the United States.

I am a pet groomer selling my business, used mobile vehicle or anything else of interest to groomers. Classified Ads, where you are now, hosts the largest database of pet grooming businesses for sale as well as used mobile vehicles. However, it doesn’t stop there. We have 20 more categories of classifieds. Some categories are 100% free, and some are “cheap” starting at $6 a month. Since 1997 has been an incredibly popular buy and sell marketplace for pet groomers, especially for the United States and Canada.

I am a grooming business owner looking to advertise my services to pet owners in my area.

Find A Groomer Directory for Pet Owners is a popular directory for pet owners looking for a groomer. It’s free to open an account in our directory. Go to and start your 100% always free account. Look for the link, Add Your Listing. Fill out the form.

Companies Selling to Pet Groomers or Career Seekers

Companies that sell to pet groomers or grooming career seekers may become sponsors of All of our advertising packages for sponsors include some or a great deal of presence in the Classified Ads, but also our other websites. Use the link before for a media kit with rate card.

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Sponsor advertising at is NOT web banner advertising alone. It is a PACKAGE of:

  1. Banner advertising at up to 7 grooming websites comprising, not one website.
  2. Display Advertising in eMagazine with a major subscription circulation over 26,000 targeted groomers and career seekers.
  3. Announcements! Best in the grooming industry. An announcement on our message board gets clicked and takes our visitors to a BIG advertisement of your product and services with pictures. They often get 25,000 or more clicks in 6 months. Readers can then go to your website. Is there any other place that offers these and such results? Not that we know of.

Banner advertising alone is not enough for most marketing goals when you consider a package of the above. eMagazine for Professional Groomers and Grooming Career Seekers